Agrome is cool

Our mission is to develop a more effecient way to grow plants throw innovations and technologies.

is your perfect cooking companion.

has is place in your kitchen.

is easy to use.

takes care of your herbs.

gives you gardening advice.

is cool.

chooses when flowering.

saves you time.

takes care of your plants when you're away.

Agrome Alpha

Agrome is a combination of hard thincked design and a versatile software. While the main goal is offering a valuable user experience.

Refined Design

Agrome is designed to be fully integrated into your kitchen and to fit in any spaces. With a refined, functional design, Agrome is simple and intuitive to use. The expressive lighting features bring you a better experience with your garden thanks to lighting visual effects of the illuminating status bar.

Intuitive Interface

You can take care of your garden, and schedule all the essential actions (lighting, watering, nutrients supply, etc.) wherever you are thanks to our web and mobile interface. You can then keep track of all evolutions of your plants, monitor your garden, and share pictures of your garden to anyone in one click.

Interactive platform

A market place for you to grow and share best practices. You can configure and test your recipes (plants’ life cycle) on your agrome, share them with other users, and monetize them. You don’t have time or green fingers? You can simply choose and launch a recipe that fits your plant, sow seeds and watch them grow.

The agrome alpha

Concentration of technology in one single device:

For monitoring your agrome garden:

  • Humidity and temperature sensors
  • HD camera
  • pH sensor

For providing what your plants need:

  • LED Grow light
  • Nutrients dispenser
  • Water level sensor

For the best user experience:

  • Illuminating status bar
  • Wifi and Bluetooth communication
  • Carbon filter

Incredible features

Agrome is so intuitive that you don’t need any skills to get started. Simply sow a seed and Agrome will take care of the rest.

This is possible thanks to all the tools and features that Agrome provide.

Web and mobile apps

Keep an eye on your Agrome garden from any devices from your smartphone, tablet, or computer. You can manage and get feedbacks from your Agrome garden with an intuitive interface.

Scientist mode

Scientist mode provides you tools to create your own plant life cycle (recipe). You can change many parameters to influence your plant growth such as lights’ spectra and intensity, nutrients supply, ideal pH range, ...

Iris labs

Our homemade software Iris Labs provide you amazing analytics of your plants by using the built-in HD camera. It helps calculate your plant growth, detecting diseases, taking beautiful pictures of your Agrome gardens and much more!

Automatic monitoring

Built-in sensors continuously monitor garden vital aspects and attend to plants’ need for light, water, and nutrients. You can get feedbacks of agrome garden with notifications, detailed graphics, pictures, and timelines to know exactly what’s happening.

Library and Marketplace

Want to grow tomatoes easily? Simply select a corresponding recipe in our library, or buy one on the marketplace, and then sow your seeds. Agrome will adjust all the parameters by itself to make you seeds sprout and grow.


Why growing plants would be boring? Have fun while getting green fingers by exploring new challenges everyday which help you to become a better gardener, and to connect you with other Agrome owners. Discover, learn, compete, and share your enjoyable gardening journey with Agrome.

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The team

With complementary backgrounds

David Gilson

OS lead developer

"Stop waiting for future. Make yours."

Edouard Libion

Lead team and R&D

"I like making things from scratch." 

Simon Constant

Lead backend and big data

"I like discovering things and see how do they work."

Viêt Ngân Ly Phat

Lead business dévelopment

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