agrome cool

Our mission is to develop a more effecient way to grow plants throw innovations and technologies.

is your perfect cooking companion.

has is place in your restaurant.

is easy to use.

takes care of your herbs.

gives you advice and recipes

is cool

chooses when flowering.

makes you save time.

take care of your plants when you are in vacation.

Agrome Alpha

Agrome is a combination of hard thincked design and a versatile software. While the main goal is offering a valuable user experience.


Innovation, function, design, productivity and quality are the main theads we are following to offer you the best product.


The brain of agrome. Agrome OS to control the box, Apps for Android and iOS to be able to control agrome from anywhere and a core website to use if you are not a smartphone person, discover and share with other agromer.                                                                                         

User experience

Offering a real gain of quality in your life is our goal.

The agrome alpha



  • Humidity and t° sensor
  • HD camera
  • Led grow light
  • PH sensor
  • Carbon filter
  • Fertilizer dispensers
  • Wifi and bluetooth
  • Leds notification bar
  • Water level sensor

Incredible features

Agrome is a complete experience and you doesn't need any skill to use it. Simply drop a seed an agrome do de rest. 

To reach this goal agrome include tools that makes it an amazing companion.

Cloud management

Keep an eye on your agrome from any device from our Android and iOS app or from your computer. You can manage and get feedbacks from your agrome by an intuitive interface.

Iris labs

Our homemade software Iris Labs provide you an amazing analytic of your plant by using the included HD camera. It helps calculating your plant grow, detecting deases, photographing beautifull picture of your plants and much more.

Scientist mode

This mode provide you an interface where you can create your own plant cycle. You can change many parameters to influence your plant grow like the light spectrum and intensity, the fertilizer you want to add, the PH you want to keep,.. 


Get the feedbacks of your agrome with pictures, notifications, timelines and detailed graphics to now exactly what is happening in your box.

Agrome IA

You can choose to use our IA to let your agrome changing his parameter hiself for a better production.

Evolutive database

Want to grow tomatoes easly? Simply select the item in our library and agrome will automaticaly parameter itself for the particular plant.

You would like to know when our product will be released? Let your mail address below.

The team

Complementary background

David Gilson

OS lead developer

Description du membre

Edouard Libion

Lead team and R&D

"I like making things from scratch." 

Simon Constant

Lead backend and big data

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Viêt Ngân Ly Phat

Lead business dévelopment

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